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It was great fun indeed! Golf aside, it was great to share in the wisdom of Khursheed bhai, enjoy the culinary skills of Adil, look at nature from every possible camera angle with Wasif and feel alive with good natured humour of Bhibs.

After five months of wintry weather in TO, I was looking forward to the trip and an early start to spring. We lucked out in terms of weather: four and a half days of perfect golf weather! We knew we had overstayed our welcome in HH when all of a sudden, during out last albeit extra round on the last day, we found ourselves to be the only golfers on the course in the middle of a South Carolina thunderstorm before finally deciding to run for cover. It was time to go home!

Wasif and I arrived early and at about the same time. We had a bit of fun at the airport when we realized that neither one of us had booked a rental car (expecting the other one to do it, of course πŸ™‚ for our drive to HH with the end result that we were without a car on a Verizon Heritage weekend. We did manage one at the end and we were soon on our way to HH – about an hour from the airport. Adil and Khursheed Bhai were to get in town later in the day (Bhibs was flying in very late in the evening) and we had about 4 hours to kill between the two of us. We were in HH so what better way to do that than on a nearby golf course! We found a decent course nearby and decided to hit the links. It was somewhere between hole number 2 and 3 that I discovered Wasif’s new found love for crocodiles, turtles, trees, cart bridges and water – basically everything that lay still, had wings, crawled or moved and didn’t play golf. Apart from being able to hit a wicked ball, he was a man on a mission to capture nature from every angle, nook and corner. By the end of our trip, he would be capturing 139 scenes in all of their 8 mega pixel glory. Over the next four days, Wasif shared the golf cart with each of us. He will be often found missing from the cart between shots. Pretty soon, we learned to stop worrying about him and just look in the direction of the nearest wetland to know where he was.

Adil and Khursheed bhai arrived at about 7:30 pm, perfectly timed with the end our first round. The long drive from D.C. it seemed, hadn’t really unfurled any of Khursheed Bhai’s poise or Adil’s take charge attitude. For now though, we were all hungry and decided to head to the nearest restaurant to feed our growling stomachs. The last time I had met Wasif, Khursheed Bhai and Adil was at the Niagara Falls get together so we had a lot of catching up to do. It was a great evening and we enjoyed our food, the conversations and the reminiscing but the real fun was to begin after the arrival of Bhibs later that night.

Report by Khursheed Khan, N-26/Q (1970 entry)

As Salam Alaikum to All:

We had one great time. More details shall be sent in by Wasif, Zia and Adil. I just want to thank everyone for the great time we had. You all were a great company.

The event was very well organized, special thank you to Adil for that. A big personal thank you to all involved for putting up with grouchy old ME.

Upon introspection (Hey I had trouble falling a sleep after 3:00 AM today) I realized that I may have been a bit two strict/harsh with all my younger brothers at the event.

My defence is that being the senior most Petarian (and the self declared Founder Chairman of the CCP Golf Authority) at the event I took it upon myself to keep discipline on the golf course. I am sorry of if I hurt anyone’s feeling in the process.

Thank you and Allah Hafiz.

Report by Adil Baloch, 7993/A

Khursheed Bhai:
Do not make it a boring topic by undoing your good work of keeping minorities in check. I’m sure the minorities appreciate the care that you provide πŸ™‚
I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, as I did last year………..out of the 5 and a quarter rounds of golf I could only play one:):) the rest were dedicated to nothing but BS and child’s play.
In any case, this was another memorable trip that I don’t think people will be forgetting any time soon. That house on 4 Beachside Drive in Hilton Head Island is probably thinking about us as we speak :):)
Zia Bhai this time brought the much needed sophistication that we needed badly :):)
It is now a established fact for me at least that I cannot play golf if I am paired with Dada. It’s not that he is distracting…………well, he is but……………it’s just that it is very easy for me to forget golf and remember years 1979 to 1982 when he is around. Additionally, I get to speak my Sindhi for the entire year in 5 days πŸ™‚
Hopefully, this time around we have given him enough bug to concentrate on hitting the ball well and so he will be a little more serious of a golfer next time. I left his company for just one round and boy did I hit the ball well!!
Anyways, this year turned out to be a pretty good one. Because we rented the house, we had to make full use of the kitchen that was available. We went grocery shopping the first day and learned lots of things about each other like who knows how to buy groceries :):) That was fun. By the time we got to the kitchen, we already knew who could help because those who don’t know how to buy groceries would probably not know how to cook either :):) But I am glad that each one of us contributed to the best of our culinary capabilities and we cooked our own meals. You have to go crazy to have fun and we did just that this year.
What great 5 fun-filled days!!
I will send the pictures under a separate cover shortly. Wasif Bhai, can you send your pictures as well.
Report by Bhibekshan Chowdhry, 7837/J
Hello All
The feeling of brotherhood sans any beliefs and ideologies is what you get when a group of Petarians get-together. Ages, races, ideologies don’t matter. The common fabric binding them was Petaro. Many of my brothers who bicker and complain on this forum and who have hardly met even must realize the bond of Petaro is so nostalgic that if you just make a little minor effort you will suddenly find yourself immersed in this beautiful ocean of Petarvi feelings.
I know the great KK bhai from this forum and Adil even though I know his elder brother we never really met at Petaro. Wasif Bhai became friends on the forum and Zia Bhai I know him since 1985 but never truly spent any quality time in these 24 years.
Can you imagine the joys that 4-5 days of togetherness can bring? You just have to experience it. We all have buried ourselves in this dog eat dog materialistic World. We all have friends and families around us. We all are so stressed out that we have grown bald, grey, fat bellies and carry tons of unknown diseases but truly speaking the joys of spending time with people who may not be your fellow but you know we all understand the same language, culture, feelings and jokes. There is no start up time in this company everyone just strips bare and is fully aware the other person who maybe 20 years senior will understand and enjoy it equally. This is what we all truly got to share when we met at HH, SC and boy!! it was a total riot.
The admonishing of KK bhai like a great Chacha and like Zia Bhai said about Wasif Bhai his love to capture nature through his digital lens is something these words here are not enough to describe it. The pictures and words will only show you one dimension of the got to dip into this petarvi love to experience this beauty.
I am sure many a guys will be tempted now for the next golf championship. It’s not a marketing effort to sign up couple of Petarians for the next golf tournament which is as agreed by man of his words Adil to be held on the west coast. We will respect KK bhai’s privacy by not announcing it if we go to Vegas. But for sure get yourself ready for the next golf in the West coast.