Prof. Zaman Ahmed

Professor of Chemistry (1963-1987)

Prof. Zaman Ahmed – 2001

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Prof. Zaman Ahmed was professor of General Science and Chemistry from 1963-1987 at Cadet College Petaro.

He was born on 5 April, 1927, and got married to Mrs. Rahat Jabeen.

Zaman Sahib is presently settled in Hyderabad.

Until 1967, General Science was a key subject until Matric. Chemistry, Physics and Biology were taught as separate subjects only in the 11th and 12th classes. Zaman Sahib used to teach us General Science in 8th and 9th classes based on the old Matricsyllabus, and was most famous for his description of the candle. The Ministry of Education modernised the syllabut in 1967. Zaman Sahib taught Chemistry after that.

Zaman Sahib was a Gold Medalist in MSc Chemistry from the University of Sindh. In his latter years at Petaro, he was the Head of the Dept of Chemistry.

He was also the coach for the college cricket team.

After his retirement, he settled down in Hyderabad and lives near Tilak Chari. He has been running a tuition centre in Hyderabad ever since.

Zaman Sahib was famous for his English language accent, which was indeed unique.

The last time I met him was when he came to Petaro in 2001 to attend the first reunion of our class (1964-1969).

Prof. Zaman Ahmed – 1960s