Prof. Nasir Mahmood Malik

Professor of Applied Electricity (1962-1992)

Prof. Nasir Mahmood Malik – 2007

by Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Prof. Nasir Mahmood Malik joined the college in 1962 as teacher of Applied Electricity. He retired from the college in 1992.

He was born on 4 November 1937 at Gurdaspur under the British rule, and got married to Mrs. Rifat on 27 December 1962. They have 3 children – Dr. Arshad (kit no. 78124/Iqbal), Ashar (kit no. 8135/Iqbal) and Saira.

Nasir sb’s father was into education prior to the creation of Pakistan. In August 1947, the family moved to Gujranwala and his father became a tax officer.

Young Nasir Mahmood joined Iqbal High School in Gujranwala and passed his Matric in 1953. He then joined the Govt Technical Institute in Lahore and obtained his diploma in Electrical Engineering from there in 1957. A couple of years later, he got his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from City and Guild in 1959.

In the meantime, he joined Faisalabad Technical High School as an Instructor in 1958. Stanley and Lord were the consultants for the project and Mr. Nasir Mahmood was sent to their different schools to run workshops and to assist in conducting refresher courses.

In 1962, on the recommendation of Stanley and Lord, Col. Coombes got Mr. Nasir Mahmood to join Cadet College Petaro as a teacher of Applied Electricity. During the colonel’s period, he got involved into all sorts of technical infrastructure development projects at Petaro. He was given the charge to solve all the problems of electricity on campus with the growing needs of the college day by day. He was also given charge of the water supply for the college during this period.

During Cdr. Firoz Shah’s period, he was instrumental in getting the Sui Gas connection for the college, and for getting the Siemens telephone exchange installed. Another contribution was his role in discussions with Mr. Hakim Ali Zardari who donated the movie projector to the college.

When Mr. S.S. Azim became the principal, he had the 12 inch water pipeline laid which had to cross the railway track as well. He had to supervise this entire work.

Although Mr. Nasir was from a technical background, during the 1980s he was also given the task to teach Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies as well at Petaro, and for a period he was also the Head of Department of both of these disciplines being the seniormost teacher.

He spent the prime of his life at Petaro. He was the Patron of the Radio and Electrical Engineering Club throughout his stay at Petaro. He was also the Patron of the Woodwork Club from 1981-1992.

During the early 1990s, he was under pressure from his family to retire from Petaro due to his children’s education at Lahore. So finally he opted to take early retirement in 1992 although he would have become the Vice Principal of the college had he stayed back.

After retirement from Petaro, he has taught at other institutions in the Punjab. He trained teachers for the Glasgow Public School in Gujranwala District from 1993-1998. At that time he suffered a heart attack in 1998, and had a by-pass operation. This forced him to withdraw from professional activities for a while.

And then in 2001, Lt.Col.(R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman (kit no. 766/Latif) got him to join his Cadet College Sialkot as Senior House Master and Messing Officer. He also taught English up to class 6, and Mathematics to class 7.

His cardiac problems seemed to come back due to the strains, and therefore he finally quit work in 2005. He was hospitalized initially for a while. Since then he is leading a retired life at his home in Lahore.

His elder son is now settled in Ireland as a doctor, while his younger son Ashar lives with him in Lahore. His daughter is settled in Abu Dhabi. He now has 6 grandchildren.