Prof. John Mumtaz
Professor of Physics (1960-1981)

Prof. John Mumtaz

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Prof. John Mumtaz joined the college in 1960 as teacher of Physics. He retired from the college in 1981.

He was born on 27 April 1930.  He had two children.

The late John Mumtaz Sahib was truly an all-rounder. He was truly one of the best in teaching Physics. Besides, he was a great sports coach as well. His great coaching skills contributed towards Petaro becoming champion in many of the sports.

John Mumtaz Sahib rarely spoke in Urdu. He would feel more comfortable talking in English. However, his spoken English was unique in its style of expression. When he would be perturbed or exasperated, you would know it through his expression “Oye Look-o Mister!” At the same time, he was a thorough gentleman.

He was always very prompt, hard working and disciplined. These characteristics of his are beautifully demonstrated in his short autograph he wrote for me 37 years ago.  Work ethics are extremely important in one’s life. And coupled with universal brotherhood, these can bring luck and success. May Allah bless Mr. John Mumtaz’s soul.

Mr. John Mumtaz’s own handwriting and signature


Work to Create Universal Brotherhood. Wish you good luck in your Future Life.


Signed John Mumtaz

21st July, 1969