Prof. Feroz Yusuf Khan
Professor & Head of Dept of Chemistry (1958-1969)

Prof. Feroz Yusuf Khan – 1958

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif


The late Mr. Feroz Yusuf Khan was head of the department of Chemistry at Petaro in the 1960s. He joined the college in 1958 and left early in 1969.

He was born on 2 September 1924. He had one daughter – Anjum.

When I joined Petaro, Feroz Sahib was also the house master of Liaquat House. Later on Bhatti Sahib took on this position. I am sure that the early Liaquatians could would have many interesting stories to tell us about Feroz Sahib.

Feroz Sb had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He acquired his university education from Aligarh Muslim University. He moved to Pakistan shortly after its creation.

Probably in 1950, he joined the Ministry of Education and was appointed a lecturer in the Chemistry Department of Government College Hyderabad. He remained in this position until 1956, when he was transferred to Government College Mirpurkhas.

In 1958, he met Col. Coombes who convinced him to join Govt. Cadet College Mirpurkhas (i.e. Cadet College Petaro). He managed to do so under deputation while he remained an employee of the Ministry of Education.

During his Petaro years, he was the Head of Department of Chemistry. When Mr. Zahoorul Hassan left Petaro in 1961, he succeeded him to become the second House Master of Liaquat House, a position he held until 1965.

In 1969, Feroz Sb chose to go back to his parent department in the Ministry of Education, which brought his tenure at Petaro to a close. He was posted back to Govt College Hyderabad, and was appointed the Head of Department of Chemistry there.

During the following years, he remained the Principal of Govt College Shikarpur and Deputy Director Education at Hyderabad. He retired from service in this position. He then moved to Karachi and spent the rest of his years there.

Feroz Sahib died on 20 December 1993 at Karachi.

Most Petarians will not remember Feroz Sahib since he left Petaro rather early in 1969.  He was one of the coolest of all our teachers. And I have yet to find a better teacher of Chemistry.  It was solely because of his teaching method that I fell in love with Organic Chemistry, and eventually ended up doing my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from MIT.  Had it not been for him, I am certain that I would have been doing some other engineering.

For all the lovers of Ahad Sahib, please note that it was Feroz Sahib who was his boss, and it was he who brought Ahad Sahib to Petaro.

Feroz Sahib had a deep voice, and his guttural “aray bhi” coming from deep within his chest in the long drawl is unforgettable.

He was a class in himself, and one of the best of educationists in the country at that time (in my opinion). And the principles he stood for are so well enumerated in the autograph he wrote for me. Truly, how many are there amongst us who talk of honesty, yet how many are there who will drink the poison to uphold honesty like Socrates (or Suqraat) did?  I suppose that is a dying species – if it isn’t extinct already.  Most of us are hypocrites.  How loudly do we proclaim that we must bring in honesty, yet we deceive ourselves.

May Allah rest Feroz Sahib’s soul in peace in Jannatul Firdaus!

Mr. Feroz Yusuf Khan’s own handwriting and signature

Ishqi hum kotaah qadon mein ko’ee bhi Suqraat nahin

Sach kay gun to sab gaatay hain sach ka zeher piyayga kaun?.

Signed Feroz Yusuf Khan,

12th July, 1969