Mr. Mohammad Saleem Mangi

Professor & Head of Dept of Sindhi (1961-1988)

Mr. Mohammad Saleem Mangi – 1970

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mr. Mohammad Saleem Mangi joined Cadet College Petaro in 1961 as lecturer in Sindhi, and retired as Professor in 1988.  

He was born on 20 September 1928 at Khairpur and got married to (late) Mrs. Sakina. They had 4 children – Khawar 7212/Qasim, Azra, Seemi (married to Sohail Mangi 8298/Jinnah) and Tahir 8307/Jinnah. After the death of Mrs. Sakina in December 1980, Mangi Sb got married to Mrs. Surayya who was a widow. She did not bear him any children.

Mangi Sb expired on 19 March 2007 at Gujranwala as a result of a cardiac arrest. He was buried at Karachi.

Mangi Sb was a very learned man in terms of his educational qualifications. He had an M.A. in History, an M.A. in Islamiyat, an M.A. in Sindhi, and an LL.B. – all from Sindh University.

Before joining Cadet College Petaro, he was a Flight Lieutenant in the Pakistan Airforce. In 1959 or 1960, he was involved in the crash of a Cessna aircraft, and was grounded after that. Therefore he chose to leave the Airforce and get into the field of education.

Thus, he joined Cadet College Petaro in 1961 as a lecturer in Sindhi Department. I vividly remember that he had several additional duties at the college. During my time (late 1960s) he was the Mess Officer. 

He served as House Master of Jinnah House from 1969-1972.

After leaving Petaro in 1988, Mangi Sb moved first to his native Khairpur and set up a law practice there. He remained there until 1999. That year, he decided to move to Gujranwala which was the home town of his second wife Mrs. Surayya, and he set up a school called Sadiq Public School Gujranwala there. He was the Principal of this school until the end of his life in 2007.

Other than his two sons and one son-in-law who are Petarians (see above for details), one of his brothers-in-law, the late Altaf Hussain Mangi 933/Ayub was also a Petarian.

May Allah rest Mangi Sb’s soul in Jannatul Firdaus.