Eid Milan Get Together at Toronto – Sept 2011

About Event

Eid Milan Lunch at Toronto, Canada

By Fahed Riaz, 7942/Qasim

While the official photographs, the write up, and the head count for this afternoon’s Eid get together will come out in the next few days, I would like to highlight the following
1. Thanks to Cheema bhai, Khursheed bhai, and Adil for driving / flying to Toronto just for this event
2. I would also like to thank Khalid Malik bhai and the unsung heroes who worked behind the scenes to make this event a success
3. Last, but not least, I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for attending.
Nasir Awan bhai has some explaining to do with regards to his whereabouts.
Thanks to Adnan Quraishi for sending the ladoos but keeping the reason secret 🙂

Thanks note

By Adil Baloch, 7993/Ayub

Dear GTA Petarians:
It was a pleasure! Thank you for everything. I was humbled at the number of invitations that we got, but am sorry at the same time for not being able to accept even one due to the time limitations.
Good food, great atmosphere, friendly and brotherly smiles and some very warm hugs on Sunday at the brunch are very humbly appreciated as well.
Thanks a bunch for a lovely set of pictures and a treasure full of memories by Shoaib Alam Bhai.
I think we made progress and it was definitely a step in the right direction. Having a dialogue face-to-face is always a good idea on understanding each other better. We, as everyone promised, should continue these dialogues. In any case, as Rifaquat Bhai mentioned on Sunday at the brunch, Ex-Cadets of Petaro on both sides of the border are brothers regardless.
Our very special thanks and regards for Zia Shah Bhai and Aftab Baloch…………..we practice discrimination when it comes to golf and therefore this line:)
Sohail: Please let all the PI golfers know that they should plan on bringing extra pair of shirts and maybe pants because the competition will be tough and one shirt won’t cover the losses:) On the first hole of Lionhead Golf and Country Club in Brampton……….we all pulled out our drivers to tee off so we can try to get as monstrous a drive as possible. Apparently, Shahid Rashdi Bhai only needs a 3 wood for something like that:) Not only that, his speech and his comments about Intizar Bahi makes me believe that he probably will need the equivalent of a three wood on the patio at nights as well:) Please add him to the list. He will be joining us at the next year’s outing.

Those who attended this gathering

Shahid Rashdi
Intizar Zaidi
Rifaquat Cheema
Syed Ishrat Hasan
Shahryar Jami Ansari
Abrar Mani
Rashid Faruqui
Juzer Basrai
Dr. Ikram Ghani
Dr. Javed Khan
Kamran Idris
Zia Shah
Munir Ahmad Memon
Masaf Dawood
Khalid Malik
Nasir Awan
Behram Limbuvalla
Fahed Riaz
Adil Baloch

Yaqoob Raja
Mukhtiar Shah
Safi Ahmed
Syed Ammar Jafri
Sohail Gul Mirjat
Mudassir Choudri
Usman Saeed Chaudhry
Aftab Baloch
Tikka Khan
Asif Khanzada
Ali Rashid
Nauman Rustam
Khursheed Khan
Syed Shoaib Alam