DINNER with Kaleem Sb and Brig. Mukhtar, Islamabad (PI), – June 2011

About Event

Kaleemullah Sb (the first Admin Officer of CCP) and Brig. Mukhtar 511 visited Islamabad recently and honoured us with their presence. We assembled at Ye Olde Hangout, a restaurant owned by Lt.Col. Moneir Aslam Malik 427/I.
It was really great to be in the presence of Kaleem Sb after a long time and to listen to so many interesting incidents that occurred at the time of the inception of the college. Kaleem Sb was in reality the man who was instrumental in doing all the work to get the college going.
And of course, Brig Mukhtar is always the center of attraction for all of us

Those who attended this gathering

Muhammad Kaleemullah Sb
M. Zubair Awan
Brig. Mukhtar Ahmed
Lt.Col. Shafqat Nazar Chatha
Col. Zahoor Malik
CaptPN T.J. Siddiqui
Lt.Col. Javed Akhtar Malik
Tallat Mahmood Khan
Major Zulfiqar Kayani
Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui
Imran Latif