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Alhamdullilah, we rejoiced 2nd Gulf Petarians Reunion with grace, honour and full of fun. I am thankful to all brothers and their families who graced the occasion and supported this year’s Gulf alumni reunion. For those who did not make it, thank you for the prayers and messages for the success of our reunion.

I am thankful to Cdre Aslam Rana (Principal and Commandant CCP) a Petarian brother and Patron of our Alumni Association who accepted our invitation and sponsorship to attend this reunion along with his family.

I am thankful to all our brothers who joined us all the way from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA – Aurangzeb Bhaijan (President PASA), Syed Abdul Aziz Bhai from Saudi Arabia, Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui Bhai from Pakistan and Ishrat Rahman Bhai from USA.

The event started with 1-3 hour drive from our homes to Ras Al-Khaimah. Flanked on one side by the majestic Hajjar mountains and on the other by the lush green agricultural lands of Digdaga town, the setting was imposing and adventurous. The Al-Khatt Springs Hotel and Spa is built on top of the therapeutic sulfur springs with water from the mountains of Ras al Khaimah. The hotel complex houses a spa facility of international appeal. The weather was very pleasant with about 20 degree Celsius.

The ceremonial sign displayed outside the hotel entrance on a life size banner welcomed the worthy Petarians to the 2nd annual Gulf Petarian Association reunion 2010. In the lobby at the reception, Petarians Rana Tauseef and Junaid Khan registered the members and everyone received a size-fit Petarian T-shirt and cap along with other souvenirs. Special reception awaited Mr. Aurangzeb Bhaijan (President of PASA) and Syed Abdul Aziz who came from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Kazi Zulkader from Pakistan and chief guest for the event Cdre Aslam Rana, CCP Principal.

After the reception, a Lunch buffet was served with a variety of succulent choices with a mix of western and eastern delicacies. Bhaijans along with their families had separate tables and enjoyed their lunch. Almost the entire restaurant was filled with Petarians. Junior Petarians chose to sit close to live female singers singing English and some Urdu songs!

After lunch everyone retired to their rooms to change into sporting attire for a cricket match. Ladies and children gathered in the park. Ladies kept themselves busy in gossip under the shade of the park greenery, while kids were busy in the park with rides, swings, slides and playing cricket. Bhaijans played two cricket matches at the foot of the towering hotel led to by a steep staircase down to the cricket area. The cricket matches were captained by Shafique bhaijan and Nasir Bhaijan.

Matches were friendly yet competitive and everybody was sweating very soon. Irfan Bhai, Shehzad Thahim Bhai, Usman Jameel bhai, Ayaz Buriro Bhai and Atif Mussarat were among the top players – fit and in good shape. Shafique Ansari Bhai, Aurangzeb Bhai, Aziz Bhai, and Asim Tanveer Bhai were struggling to show their fitness. Afzal Iqbal Bhai was the very honest and upright umpire of the evening. Young children Ashir Ahmed son of Nasir Bhai and Mustafa son of Shehzad Bhai stole the show by their performance in cricket. Games time ended with the Azan of Maghrib prayers and with a session of few group photos.

After having a short break in the hotel rooms, the entire group started gathering in Conference Room of the Hotel. Petarians were in formal dress of blue / black suit with white shirt and college tie and ladies with very graceful and beautiful attire to attend the formal session of the event. The documentary movie of the 47th Parents Day was running on projector for old times sake.

Zohaib Ansari s/o Petarian Shafique Ansari was the master of the ceremonies and host of the evening. The session started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Petarian Junaid and followed by Naat-e-Rasool by Sadia Ayaz Buriro w/o Petarian Ayaz Buriro. Mr. Shafique Ansari gave the welcome address and initiated the evening. This was followed by Khalid Ranjhani the president of Gulf Petarian Association who detailed the progress of the Association and new ventures to come.

Speeches, then after were made by Aurangzeb Bhai, Salim Mastan bhai, Kazi Zulkader Bhai, Nasir Mehmood Bhai, Manzoor Banbhan Bhai and Cdre Mohammad Aslam Rana Bhai, the chief guest of the evening. The Principal highlighted in sequential manner the progress made by the college over the years under his tenure. He stressed on the many issues and improvements of the college in the areas of infrastructure, staff members, number of new cadets, the quality of education, and standards of the faculty. He also highlighted contributions made towards the college by fellow Petarians and by President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. Other speakers called for collective actions for development and prosperity of Cadet College Petaro as well as Petarian community. They also expressed their note of appreciation to the organizers of the reunion.

Dinner was served in the separate area reserved exclusive for Petarians, with a selection of items ranging from seafood, meat, barbeque and vegetarian delights topped with desserts. Though weather was warmer than expected, it remained overall pleasant, and everyone had fun over dinner in open area on a full moon night next to mountains. A prominent dignitary of Ras Al Khaimah Mr. Mohammad Saqr (Director General of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality) was also invited by the Organizing Committee to join us over dinner. He stayed throughout the dinner and mingled with senior Petarians. A magician entertained the children with his tricks and magic. After dinner, most of Petarians and their families headed to the music program while few stayed back to enjoy the flavors of an Arabic sheesha under the starry night.

A Local singer arranged for the music program sang few songs, after which some Petarians and Ibn-e-Petarians showed their talent and took charge of the stage and sang a number of songs. Kazi Bhai stunned the audience with his undiscovered talent of singing; he sang few songs, specially a song from Mehdi Hassan’s Album. Junaid Khan sang few more and others also joined them. Few bhaijans made bhangra and enjoyed the night. Aurangzeb Bhai dances well on a song “Bachna aey Haseeno Lo mein Aagaya”. He made this evening memorable with his talent. The music program continued till late night when all collectively sang patriotic songs to end the program at around 2AM. After the busy and tiring day, we called it a night and rushed to the warmth and comfort of our hotel rooms for sound sleep.

The next day started for many with the morning breakfast while some woke up early and enjoyed the morning walk in the clean and unpolluted air. Buffet breakfast was served till 11am. A small group of Petarians sat in open area after breakfast to converse on various matters of interest while a few went for a walk to the surrounding areas of the hotel.

We started to check-out from the Hotel around 12:00 noon, and gathered in the lobby for collective departure to RAK Dream Tours resort. A caravan of vehicles moving through various areas of Ras Al Khaimah reached the dream tour resort where a yacht and paddle boats were ready for rides. Petarians apparently tired of late night sleep chose not to ride on paddle boats right away and all boarded the yacht at the creek. Many Petarians preferred to sit in the front of yacht in open where Zohaib Ansari (doctor by profession) the talented son of Shafique Ansari Bhai played guitar and Petarians sang songs along with him. The entire duration of yacht ride echoed with songs. Ladies and kids stayed in covered area or the rear portion of the yacht and enjoyed the ride while music played on the stereo. The yacht ride lasted almost 2 hours and we anchored back to the starting point where lunch was ready to be served. Lunch menu was South Asian with a full variety of mouth-watering Pakistani dishes.

After lunch, senior Petarians discussed the recommendations forwarded by Petarians during the reunion and made deliberations wherever necessary. Having considered the additional comments and suggestions from fellow Petarians present, it was decided that Gulf Petarians will work on further strengthening the Petarian bond and development of Petarians and Petaro in particular. The Event resolution was

“Support our Alma Mater Cadet College Petaro and Petarians with honesty and excellence by improving the coordination and communication between college administration and Petarians”

We will work in above direction with the help of all Petarians and college administration. Detailed plans to achieve our objective will be discussed and announced.

With this the Gulf Petarian reunion 2010 concluded. Shafique Ansari Bhai stressed that this end is a start of a new beginning and Petarians pledged to support the association with all means at hand and to have regular meets and gatherings to further strengthen the age old bond shared by the fraternity. Khalid Ranjhani thanked the fellow Petarians for making the reunion a success and promised a renewed energy for all future endeavors.

Thanks to everyone and see you all in next Re-union.

Sincere Regards

Khalid H. Ranjhani (82125J)