Dear Brothers, 

Assalam-o-alaikum Warahmatullah.

We are pleased to inform you that a Dinner cum get together was arranged in Honor of Abdul Rashid Abro Bhai Jan Kit no 370/L -Ex President-TPA  who was was on a short visit to UAE while travelling back to Pakistan after performing Umrah.
We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to him on performing Umrah. May Allah Accept his Ibadah and good deeds.

It was indeed an honor for all of us to host this small gesture of love and respect. Everyone is pleased to meet him in person.
He has been a source of unity amongst Petarians Community all over the world and his immense leadership skills has resulted in the form of strong Petarian’s Bond Globally.

The Dinner was hosted by UAE Petarians Management Committee and attended by the following Committee members. The venue of the dinner was BBQ Delight at Dubai Marina-JBR, Dubai.

Attendees of the Dinner

1- Abdul Rashid Abro- (370 LQ)                 Chief Guest

2- Shafique Ahmed Ansari (478 IQ)            Member-Advisory Committee, PAUAE

3- Nasir Mehmood (79113 IQ)                   Member-Advisory Committee, PAUAE

4- Obaidullah Soomro (79109J                  Member-Advisory Committee, PAUAE

5- Khalid Ranjhani (82125 J)                      President, PAUAE
6- Wajeeh Uddin Ahmed (89160LF)            Vice President, PAUAE

7- Muhammad Junaid Khan (9022LF)         Joint Secretary, PAUAE

8- Shahzad Khurrum Bajwa (91155LF)         General Secretary, PAUAE

9- Zulfiqar Soomroo- (91110 LQ)               Member, PAUAE

10- Mohammad Ali Channa (93111 A)        Treasurer, PA UAE

11- Adnan Ahmed (9377 IQ)                      Member, PAUAE

We are extremely thankful to Abro Bhai Jan who has given us time and honor to met him in person. His charismatic personality always reflects a leadership role helping junior petarians to learn more and more from his extensive experience in uniting Petarian at such a big platform. We wish his all the best in his future plans and pray for his success and good health.

Attached please find some snaps of the event.
Long Live Petaro

Shahzad Khurram-91155 LF
General Secretary
Petarian Association-UAE