The Second PANA Reunion, Niagara Falls, ON, USA – 26 June 2004

About Event

Once again it proved to be a great success. Nothing short of anything: perfect weather, nice people, beautiful venue, tasty food, plenty of drinks & lots of fun.

The organizing committee was the first to reach the venue at 10:00 AM putting up flags and banners and cleaning up tables. By around Noon the party was at full bloom. People came with families and friends, with food and drinks from all over the place – mostly from Toronto and surrounding areas. Lunch was taken at 2:00 followed by a formal introduction to each other. Group photos were taken and some fun filled activities were held.

Naeem Bhai brought two scarves from Cadet College Petaro for the reunion. As a tradition one went to the most senior Petarian of the day Mr. Anwar Memon and the other one went to winner of the balloon throwing competition Dr. Javaid and his wife. He was presented with an Ajrak as a token of appreciation for his and his team’s effort in donating a brand new squash court to CCP.

The Following Was Decided At The Reunion:

-Insha Allah every year the last Saturday of the month of June would be a Petarians Reunion day. The venue may change but the date will not.

-Yahoo group known as ‘Panatalk’ will be made more popular and more Petarians will be added into it. This will help Petarians living in North America to be familiar with each other and help out in the time of need []

-As a next step PANA will try to be more active in doing something practical for Cadet College Petaro and the ‘Petaro village’ program brought up in the meeting by Zia Shah.

A Bundle of Thanks For The Following:

1. Naeem Saroya Inc. [504/L] for once again proving to be the life of the gathering and driving all the way from MI with boxes full of BAKLAVA

2. Anwar Memon [048/J] and his wife, for bringing the wonderful sweets and honoring us as being from the very first batch of Cadet College Petaro

3. Nasir Awan[7739/A] and Co., for his valuable participation and bags full of tasty food – he warned everybody not to use his business cards in place of a tooth pick 🙂

4. Saleh Khan [7437/J], who left us with a strong feeling that he could do much more for PANA in the future

5. Aamer Syed [6987/A], who stayed for the reunion although he could have flown back to CA two days earlier

6. Ishrat Hasan [7110/Lf] and his wife, for arranging the wonderful balloon activity for us. He was rightly recommended by Khalid Hashmi.

7. Asif Khanzada [9026/l], for bringing over his family and arranging for the video camera

8. Nasi.r Uquaili [8682/L], for bringing over his family including his friendly dad who soon became hero of the gathering.

9. Dr. Mashhood, for sharing his SANA experience, bringing over his family including his Mom whose presence gave the gathering a blessed feeling.

10. Dr. Ikram and his family, who shared his useful advice being the founders of Petarians Association and also impressed everybody with his heavy voice 🙂

11. Dr. Javed [7405/I], for bringing over his family including his Dad and Mom whose presence in the reunion was a great honour for all of us.

12. Asif Akhter [1977/A], for taking time off from his busy schedule. Let me tell you that the reunion was his brainchild as he was the first to introduce us to PetarianTalk.

13. Jami Bhai [7111/I] and Co., for their very useful and practical participation. If this family were not there we wouldn’t have had a bbq warmed macaroni, nice tea, lots of tasty food, fun for kids/adults and all those peeled mangoes. No doubt he was the real machine behind the days activities [How many times in your life before people might have ever seen a Maulana wearing shorts! 🙂 – it was only on that day]

14. Riaz Fahed [7942/Q], whose friendly nature has made him one of the most sought after members of the group

15. Tauqeer Bhai [6995/L] who took an effort to join although he had to see his one of his ailing family members

16. Zia Shah [7454/Q] and his wife, for being the most stylish couple of the day and bringing all those sweet Sindhri Mangoes chilled in fresh ice. His role for this gathering was very vital and noteworthy

17. Ayyaz Mustafa [8081/A] and his wife, who gave a very strong appearance in his first gathering being one of the hosts from the Niagara region

18. Syed Rizwan Bukhari [6813/A], for taking the effort like last year to join us with his wife

19. Mohammad Kamran [7450/L], for his first gathering with us and showing the interest to attend future gatherings

20. Rafi Khan [531/J], for bringing over his family and honoring the gathering

We missed many more, specially Rifaquat Cheema, Sohail Nawaz, Dr. Muneer Junejo and Cdr. Shoaib. We hope to see them next time.

Here is What Some Had to Say for That Day:

“……… the 3rd Saturday of June has now attained a special place in all Petarians (in NA) calendars. U know what? I have already started looking forward to the get-together next year. Thanks every body for such a lovely day”

[Nasir Awan, 7739/A]

“……..Jami Bhai you were very popular among ladies for peeling and cutting the Mangos and preparing the tea for them. Kids really enjoyed the water/soap slide make by Jami Twins– Great work Twins—

Zia Bhai and his wife, Mangoes were great– Mithai from Anwar Mamoon Bhai’s side had a taste as it had just come from Pakistan. Coconut cake, Chana Chat, Kabob, Rice, Chicken, Gulab Jamans and many more dishes were very tasty– Thanks to the Chefs.

We thank all those who put lot of efforts in putting this event together. Pakistani Flag and Petarians Flag (A Native of Petaro–brought from the foot ball field of Petaro) flew proudly”

[Naeem Saroya, 509/L]

…This was the same Pakistani Flag which was presented by Khalid Hashmi last year to PANA.

All is well that ends well … Thanks to Almighty Allah for making everything possible.