The Fourth PANA Reunion, Niagara Falls, ON, USA – 24 June 2006

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PANA Reunion 2006 – Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

By Adnan Qureshi, 8326/L

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the 4th Annual Petarians Annual reunion was successfully held on June 24, 2006, at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It was a well attended gathering with a mix-up of Petarians, their families and friends from all over North America and as far away as Pakistan.

Like always the Petarian flag [gifted by Naeem Saroya Bhai’s wife] was fluttering along with the PANA banner at the Pavilion entrance. The organizing committee put up a great show. A registration booth was set up by Mukhtiar bhai where name tags were being given along with PANA T-shirts which were gifted by Adil Baloch bhai and distributed by our newest PANA member Abrar Mani bhai.

Guests started to arrive and among the first ones were Professor Shamim Sahib with his family. Nasir Awan bhai, who was the chief food coordinator for the day, took the opportunity to give Shamim Sahib his Petarian badge. Everybody was delighted to see Shamim Sahib. Shamim Sahib gave a powerful speech to the audience and said that ‘ most of the nights in my dreams I find myself back in Petaro. I still love it as I used to do before’. Shamim Sahib also led us in the Zuhr prayers.

The tables were covered by table tops of the color of CCP. As always, Naeem bhai’s wife was kind enough to pick and choose the right colors for our table covers. The pavilion was filled with colors of different balloons. The weather was at its best, not too hot, not too cold, Allah had His Mercy on us that day.

Surprising this time was the very early arrival of Nasir Uqaili who played a key part in organizing the event and provided free KFC coupons which were later distributed as gifts to the winning teams in the various competitions. His dad and other family members joined shortly afterwards.

Syed Sajid Hashmi gave the kids a treat by providing free Vegetable and Cheese Pizza to everyone. Kids loved it and got all their fingers greasy very soon. Nasir bhai was happy as he didn’t have to be worried about ‘no masala’ kids food.

Later on the gathering formally started with Tilawat by Shabieh Zaidi bhai. Shortly afterwards clowns showed up and the kids became busy with them. The clown part worked very well and the kids remained entertained. This also gave our bhabis more time to concentrate on the day’s activities and also to find out what are their hubbies were up to!

Later on Professor Shamim Sahib was given a certificate for his valuable presence on that day and so was Shahbaz Malik bhai, the President of TPA, for his effort to come all the way from Pakistan to attend the reunion. Naeem bhai was given a hat with a Liaquat House ploom on it, later on he took command and said the famous mess words ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem’ at which everyone started the lunch.

Group photos were taken while everyone was wearing the Petarian T-shirts. It was a memorable moment which will long be remembered.

Later on it was time for fun adult activities. Ishrat Bhai put a lot of effort in coming up with a Petarian Puzzle which has been posted on the Panatalk Yahoogroup website under the Files section. He also arranged a game for collecting items which Naeem Saroya Bhai and his team won. Zia bhai was next to arrange his game. The competition involved finding clues and getting to the final one asap. 5 teams were made. The winner was the team of Rafi Khan bhai who guessed the right clue – i.e. none other than ‘Naeem bhai’ himself 🙂

Gifts were given to everyone thru a raffle draw. Rifaquat bhai was kind enough to bring gifts for the raffle. Finally it was the formal PANA session. Rifaquat bhai gave the annual report. It was also unanimously decided that he will continue to remain the Chief Coordinator of PANA for the coming year. Shahbaz bhai, being the current President of TPA gave a very meaningful speech and announced the endorsement of PANA by TPA. This announcement was very well received by the audience. Sohail Gul accepted the responsibility to become the coordinator for future gatherings for the GTA Petarians.

The reunion came to end by thanking all those who came and the crowd started dispersing at around 6 pm. Some friends still hung around and left the venue only when it became dark at around 9 pm.

Those who came really enjoyed the show. Those who couldn’t missed a great one.

All those who attended the reunion are requested to download their pictures on our PanaTalk Yahoogroup website and tell us their part of story about the day.

The list of those who attended would be posted shortly. In short there were around 40 Petarians who attended along with their families.

Those who attended this gathering

Abrar Mani
Adnan Qureshi
Adil Baloch
Azfar Mahmood
Asif Akhther
Fahed Riaz
Hyder Alam
Juzer Ali Basrai
Jawhar Lal Oad
Intizar Zaidi
Irfan Sheryar
Kamal Qadri
Kamran Saleh
Khalil Metlo
Khalid Qasim
Masaf Dawood
Mohammad Nasir Awan
Mudassir Chaudri
Mukhtiar Ahmed Shah
Munir Ahmed
Nadeem Memon
Naeem Ahmed Saroya
Nasir Uqaili
Nisar Palijo
Nishat Malik
Rafi Khan
Rifaquat Cheema
Rizwan Ahmed
Sohail Gul
Shabeih Zaidi
Shamim Ahmed, Professor
Shahbaz Malik
Syed Ishart Hasan
Syed Jami Ansari
Tariq Mumtaz
Tikka Khan
Yakoob Raja
Zia Shah