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Report By: Adil Baloch, 7993/Ayub
Eight years ago, Khursheed Bhai, ’70/MQ and I decided to drive as south of Maryland as possible so as to get away from the cold wetaher and play some golf right after the tax season. We were joined by a Public School Hyderabad graduate in the following years as well. It was not until 2007, when we made a trip to Dallas and successfully planted “Golf Bugs” in Ulfat Bhai and Wasif Bhai, that the group was actually expanded to start this “Petarian Golf Outing” tradition in 2008.
We had half a dozen participants each year, between 2008 and 2010, with KK Bhai, Wasif Bahi and I being the ones who joined all three.
This year though, the story has turned out to be QUITE DIFFERENT!
A total of 21 Petarians gathered together in an 8 bedroom Villa in Kissimmee, FL–7 minutes away from the happiest place on earth to turn the tides and made Villa the happiest place instead. We did not need Disney to make us happy!
Sohail Malik, ’83/MQ who took care of all the memorabilia has pretty much taken over the organization of the outing going forward. His friends from his “Other” (FYYFF) outings are probably cussing us out, loud
We had Petarians from 4 different countries this year (USA, Canada, Pakistan and Qatar).
Special thanks to Mahmood Baweja Bhai, ’75/MQ and Raheel Khan Bhai, ’77/J to cross the Atlantic just to be with their “Petarian Brothers”. Hats off to both of you and we sincerely hope that it was worth a trip for you guys!
Thanks to IZ Hamid Bhai, ’72/MQ; Tariq Hafeez, ’75/LF, Aijaz Bari, ’78/J and Asif Javed, ’78/IQ for making an effort and driving to Orlando to join us for a day or so.
Note: IZ Bhai, prefers to be called “Zafar Bhai” AND he does not snore at night
Zafar Bhai: be ready to host us for one day in WPB next year
Gentlemen: On my way back from Orlando on Sunday, I was thinking about the professional qualifications of everyone that was there…………..we had CEOs, GMs, Doctors and pretty much all Senior Executive Level professionals living inside 8489 Oasis Key Cove sharing bunk beds and bathrooms with nothing but smiles. Each one of us totally forgot about who we were in today’s life and all we did was to live like “Petarian”. Those late night gup shup, no golf and only fun on the golf course, not even a single mention of jobs and work and certainly no complaints of the better halves I, for one, was a 16 years old for 5 days
Note: watch out for Sohail Malik, ’83/MQ………he won’t give you a chance and is very good at rushing to be the first to the bathroom in the morning, even with a twisted ankle
All we did these five days was have fun and be a Petarian the whole time. Allah Fazal, I have captured quite a few jokes from Shajar Bhai, Mahmood Bhai and Arif Bhai but here are the winners:
1. First place tie: a. Sheet, Fork, C’mon Baby!! by Shajar Bhai and b. Oo Ka Bhi Ticket lo gay kiya by Mahmood Bhai.
2. Second Place: Desaan Da Raja by Mahmood Bhai (This one also gets the best “animation” award).
3. Third Place: “Jalebi” by Shajar Bhai.
4. KK Bhai gets the best poetry award, uncontested.
Those of you who are interested in getting the full contents of the jokes above, please join us for the PETARIANS INTERNATIONAL FIFTH GOLF OUTING IN 2012
Special Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Amir Qureshi for hosting a lavish party for all of us, trouble makers.
Special Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Javed Akhtar Syed, ’79/LQ for the tea (prepared by Abid Akbar, ’79/LQ) and the sumptuous dinner delivered to our house.
AND a very special mention of Abid Akbar, ’79/LQ and Shajar Khan, ’75/LQ for being the elders of the house in making sure that everyone was fed properly and there were no issues in the kitchen–specially with the dishes and the trash can. I know, we all pitched in but these guys put the fire underneath everyone. Oh, MY GAWD, I just recall Shajar Bhai’s comment about someone washing ONE fork Shajar Bhai: I know, you probably have more then two words for him
Last, but not least, KK Bhai thank you for charging thousands of dollars on your amex and being our accountant year after year. I have to say, this is the smoothest and has been one for years.
I am glad to be home, but am looking forward to next year already, Insha Allah.
I am slowly learning and you too say after me, “Life is OK”.
A list of participants and the link to the pictures is attached and pasted respectively.
Long Live Petarian Brotherhood. I, on behalf of Petarians International (PI), thank you for your time.

Report by Wasif Malik, 7402/L

Dear Adil

Thanks for the wonderful write up and summing up everything so nicely. Another prelude to this Annual Golf ritual occurred at Niagara Falls, when yourself, KK Bhai, Ulfat and myself played one day, as we went to participate in the Annual Petarians Get together in Toronto. If you remember the movie, ‘Field of Dreams’, there was a famous line, ‘If you build it, they will come’. It took few years for this idea to fully materialize, but came they did, specially this year in full strength.

Special Thanks for Raheel Zafar and Mahmood Baweja for taking the time to cross the pond to join us.
Special Thanks for Aftab Baloch, the junior most, who had the guts to feed himself to the wolves, and not like some others who chickened out. See Aftab, it wasn’t that bad after all, was it? Now Ashar has no more excuses for next year. The worst thing that happened to Aftab was one early morning, while everyone was sleeping, he went swimming and suddenly discovered 2 snakes sharing the swimming pool with him. Out he came immediately without offending the snakes.
Special Thanks to Asif Jawed (Miami), IZ Hamid Bhai (West Palm Beach), Tariq Hafeez (Atlanta), Aijaz Bari Khan (Miami), who took time from their busy schedules and made long drives just to spend a day or two in the Petaro house.
Special Thanks to all those who joined for the first time and hopefully will continue to join for a long time.
Special Thanks to Sohail Malik for going through the painful process of getting the customized T shirts, hats, Tees, balls and shields. We all loved these gifts.
Special Thanks to everyone and all of the regular culprits, who all contributed in their own special way to make this the most successful, biggest, baddest, funniest golf trip.

There were some Petarians whom I met after 35 years. New talents were discovered. I strongly recommend that Shajar Abbas could be a professional stand up comedian. There is never a dull moment when he is around. When he narrates a joke, he instantaneously transforms himself in to that character be it the country bumpkin, south Indian, red neck or the African American, or from some region of Pakistan. There were times, we were laughing so hard and non-stop that I heard you pleading to them to stay quiet for just few minutes, so our jaws could get a break.

In that Petaro house, everyone was just a Petarian. No nakhra, no BS, no complaining, whining, and always maintaining the respect of seniors. People were sleeping on bunk beds , or sofa couches, cleaning kitchen and dishes, doing grocery shopping or making tea and be happy in every situation. It was a treat to meet Zafar Bhai and play a round of golf with him for one day. Hopefully next time he will join for more than one round. As we are compiling these write-ups to document our memories, many may be wondering, aren’t these supposed to be golf trips? But there is no mention of Golf at all.

Well, we did manage to squeeze 4 rounds of Golf in this busy schedule. The golf courses were just beautiful, well maintained, lush green meadow style fairways, tall pine trees, hundreds of palm trees and other various kinds, beautiful flowers growing in the spring weather and the wild life at full swing. Some of the Disney Golf courses are also designated as wild life sanctuaries. Many got their feet wet for the first time in the golf experience, and most of them enjoyed. Please try to get some practice every week to keep on getting better. Many tried to emulate their golf hero Tiger Wood, both on and off the golf course, with little or no success. There was chaos with its own way of getting orderly and everything would work out in the end.

Now I am back, and trying to re-boot my system, with the real world operating system, but it refuses to boot up in the Normal mode, and continues to try to boot in the Relax Mode. It will be few days, before fully getting into the daily grind and the associated headaches. Until next year Insha Allah.

Note by Aftab Baloch, 8511/I

Dear Wasif Bhai;
You and Adil Bhai have nicely summarized the festivities and joyful time we had during this outing. Thanks to the organizer Bhaijans for their efforts in planning and organizing this event.
It was my first golf outing and I was the juniormost to join the gang solo from Canada and I had best of the best times during this outing. It was non-stop fun; from Golfing, feasting, outings, gup-shup, late night pool games; the entire experience was priceless.
Rifaquat Cheema Bhai- Looking handicapped in a golf game is evidence of having a good time and you are guaranteed that if you join the festivities next year!! Open-mouth smile Although Some of the Bhaijan’s are pro’s but they thought they performed better as handicapped!!Surprised smile I had pleasure of golfing with few of them and their shots were no less than Tiger Woods best shots!!Surprised smile
Wasif Bhai- I don’t think Ashar has any more excuses left; he missed the real fun this time but I don’t think he can afford to miss it next year!!!
Thanks to all Bhaijan’s for their love & care; it was memorable post-Petaro experience!!
Now I am back but I am already looking forward to next year’s festivities.