About Event

We are very thankful to all who came for this very exciting dinner on June 11 at the Navy Sailing Club on Rawal Lake amid sudden heavy rainfall. Petarian spirit could be seen all over, specially the families of Petarians who tried to enjoy it as much they could.
We had the honour of having very senior bhaijan kit no. 13 Khalid Latif Arain who joined us. We had many more new faces, and the 1967 and 1968 entries were at the top.
On that day, as everyone arrived, it started to rain very heavily. It was so heavy rain that nearly 25 or more Petarians couldnt reach the site. They turned back from the way which was understandable. And those who arrived had a great time. We could not have all the programs as planned because of the rain. And the dinner was delayed until 10pm for same reason.
But everyone was so happy that they want to do it again and again.
Thank you all who came. And too bad for all who missed because of the rain or because they were out of town, or for some other commitments.
We honoured Air Vice Marshal Ashfaque Arain for his promotion with a bouquet.

Those who attended this gathering

Khalid Latif Arain
Zakim Khan Mahsud
Khalid Rafiq Siddiqui
R. Adm. Nashat Raffi
Shahid Anwar
Tariq Pervez
Tallat M. Khan
Dr. S. Iqbal Raza
Maj. Tariq Jahangir Khan
Jawaid Sultan
Maj. Abdul Wadood
Masood Hassan Khan
S. Sajid Hussain
Nadeem Zaigham
Col. Tajammal Wahid Khan
Capt. Saeed Khan
Imtiaz Ahmed
Naeem Cheema
Shafqat Sami
Lt. Col. Hamid Afzal
Brig. Zahid Majid
Amjad Ali
Suhail Siddiqui
Dr. Javed Malik
Khan Arif Masud (KAM)
Dr. Najam Siddiqui
AVM Ashfaq Arain
Masood Zaman
Sabahat Khan
Col. Shahid Hamid
Gp. Capt. Ehsanullah
Col. Tanveer Malik
Ayaz Ahmed
Imran Latif
Qamar Zaman Samo
Adnan Rauf
Imran Akhtar
Cdre. Misbahuddin Chohan
Maj Zahid Mannan