The Fourteenth Vice Principal of CCP (Jan 2014 – July 2014),

Professor of Sindhi (1983-present) and

Head of Dept of Sindhi (1996-present)

Years at Petaro: 1983-2014

Birth: 13-07-1954 Marriage: 14-12-1984

Nos.of Children: 03, his 3 sons – Aurangzeb 2k108/Qasim, Shahzeb 2001119/Shahbaz and Ahsan 2007121/Liaquat.

Home Address: Bunglow No: A-38, Block 3, Mukhdom Bilawal Co-Operative Housing Society Opp-National Textile Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

Cell No: 0301-3515713