The Eighth Principal of CCP (20/9/1990 to 16/2/1991),

Fifth Vice Principal of CCP (1990-1993), and

Professor of Biology (1962-1993), Head Dept of Biology (1975-1990)

Years at Petaro: 1960 to 1993

Birth: 01-07-1933 Marriage: 01-01-1957

Nos.of Children: 07  His 6 sons are Petarians, Masood (7233/A), Mahmood (7484/L), Rafique (7483/A), Shafique (7485/J), Arshad Rafi (expired) and Amjad Rafi (7829/I).


Home:A-14/A,Unit 3,Latifabad, Hyderabad.

Tel:(022)3812851 (022)3869647