Lt.Cdr.(R) Abdul Aziz

Asst. Professor of Pakistan Studies (1992-present) and Admin Officer (2007-2011)

Lt.Cdr. Abdul Aziz – 2011

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif


Lt.Cdr.(R) Abdul Aziz joined the college in 1992 as Assistant Professor of Pakistan Studies and is currently serving the college in this capacity. He also served as the Admin Officer officially from 2007-2011.

He was born on 17 April 1953 and was married to Mrs. Zahida on 31 January 1983. They have five children – Sadia, Asad (99119/Iqbal), Summayya, Sara and Saquiba.

Aziz Sb belongs originally to a village near Kahuta in District Rawalpindi. He acquired his early education at Sargodha, and obtained his Matric and Intermediate certificates from BISE Sargodha in 1969 and 1971 respectively. He then obtained a B.A. degree in 1974, and an M.A. (Economics) degree in 1979 from Punjab University.

In later years, he has been through various training courses including Instructional Training Course at School of Army Education Murree in 1985, Specialized Training in Mass Communication, Public Relations and Journalism in 1989-90 from Information Services Academy, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, Interactive Teachers’ Training Workshop in Islamabad, sponsored by the Petarian Foundation in 2005, and Teacher’s Training Workshop conducted by M/S Berlitz Language Centre Karachi and sponsored by Petarian Foundation.

After his graduation, he chose to join Pakistan Navy and was commissioned as an officer in 1981 in the Education Branch.

He then served at the Pakistan Naval Academy from 1982-1985 as instructor in economics for degree level classes. During this period, he was also the Officer In Charge of Examinations and Degrees, Divisional Officer, In Charge of mess, and Acting Admin Officer.

Between 1985-1987, he then served PNS Himalaya as Training Officer for junior cadets and officer in charge of the mess.

From 1987-1989, he worked as Public Relations Officer at Naval Headquarters in Islamabad. He was responsible for liaison with print and electronic media, coverage of naval functions, press releases, and publication of Navy News magazine.

He then retired from Pakistan Navy in 1992, and joined Cadet College Petaro as Assistant Professor in the Pakistan Studies Department.

During his stay at Petaro, he has served in several capacities. Additional duties have included being Officer In Charge of Electricity & Telephone Departments for 5 years, Assistant Divisional Officer for Iqbal House and Ayub House, Office In Charge Mechanical Workshop for 3 years, Officer In Charge of Mechanical Transport for 5 years, Office In Charge of Cadets’ Mess for 6 years, Officer In Charge of General Quiz, Officer In Charge of Books and Stationery, Officer In Charge of Ice Plant, Officer In Charge of Fruits & Vegetables, Butcher Shop and Dairy Farm, and Cadets’ Career Counselling Officer.

He has also been the Head of Department of Pakistan Studies, Ethics and Pakistan Culture.

A key position he held was that of Admin Officer of the College. Although he was officially in this position from 2007-2011, he was performing the duties of Admin Officer since 2005 in an acting capacity. As Admin Officer, he was in charge of all personnel affairs and HR management, and arrangement of agenda and meetings of the Board of Governors. During his tenure as Admin Officer, he was responsible for the arrangements of two Presidents of Pakistan – Gen. Musharraf and Mr. Asif Ali Zardari – who visited the college.  He was also responsible to make all logistical arrangements for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the college in 2007.

In addition, he was called upon to perform duties of adjutant on acting basis at times when the adjutant was not available.

In 2005, Aziz Sb was given the Best Teacher award by the college.

I met Aziz Sb personally for the first time in 2001 when our batch visited the college for our reunion. Since then, we have been constantly in touch where he has been the source of a lot of information about the college and its archives. We cooperated extensively while I was a member of the Board of Governors of the college for 5 years, and during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations as well.

It has been a pleasure to have known Aziz Sb all these years. He is an outstanding officer.

Lt.Cdr. Abdul Aziz – 2007 Lt.Cdr. Abdul Aziz – 2007