Lt.Cdr. A.W. Siddiqi
Professor of Physics (1966-1981) and Naval Officer (1966-1971)

Lt.Cdr. A.W. Siddiqui

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Lt. Cdr. Abdul Wahid Siddiqi (popularly known as A.W. Siddiqi) joined the college in 1966 as the Naval Officer. Upon his retirement from the Navy in 1971, he opted to continue at Petaro as teacher of Physics. He retired from the college in 1981.

He was born on 1 June 1921.  He was married to Mrs. Mashkoor Fatima Siddiqui and had seven daughters Mumtaz, Shahnaz, Shaista, Lubna, Rubina, Rumana. Shagufta and one son – Major(R) Ahsan Siddiqi, kit no. 7514.  His son Ahsan is married to the only daughter of ex-Principal Prof. S.S. Azim.

During the 1960’s, the Adjutant of the college was always a captain from the Pakistan Army. Pakistan Navy was thus represented by a “Naval Officer” of the rank of a Lieutenant Commander. It was only in the early 1970s when Pakistan Navy took over the total management control and the Army Adjutants came to an end, replaced by naval officers.

I never could truly figure out the real role of the “Naval Officer” during the 1960s, since he was just a liaison officer between the college and the Navy. Lt.Cdr. A.W. Siddiqi was our naval officer between 1966 and 1969. Upon his retirement from Pakistan Navy that year, he continued on as Physics teacher at Petaro until 1981.

He then went back to the Navy on contract as an instructor at PNS Karsaz until 1986. In May 1988, he joined the St. George’s School in North Nazimabad, Karachi as Principal of the school. He then finally left in 1994 due to ill health.

He had B.Sc. and B.Ed. degrees from Aligarh Muslim University and LL.B. from Karachi University.

A.W.Siddiqi Sahib was another thorough gentleman. Always smiling, he was an extremely friendly fatherly figure who we could always look up to for any assistance, even though he had no real role to play in our daily lives.

Despite an arm’s length relationship, I am very fortunate to have been so close to him. I will always cherish his memory. May Allah grant him the choicest place in Jannah! He died at Karachi on 14 December 1994 of a heart attack and paralysis.

A.W.Siddiqi Sahib’s very simple prayer and wish for me tells a great deal about the nature of this man.

Lt.Cdr. A.W. Siddiqui’s own handwriting and signature

Whatever you do & where ever you are may God Bless you with success” 

Signed A.W.Siddiqi, Lt.Cdr.

8th July, 1969