Dear Attendees of event and all brothers
Assalam Alaikum
Alhamdullilah, we have celebrated 5th Annual Gulf Petarians Reunion with full of fun in Petarian spirit and grace. I am thankful to all brothers and their families who grace the occasion and extend their usual support to make it a successful event of Petarians, for those who did not make it, We missed you all.
This year event was organized at one of the beautiful resort in Al Ain (Al Bada Hotel & Resort Al Ain), event started at 11AM in the morning, all brothers with their families drove from different parts on UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah), after the reception where everyone who arrived registered themselves and collected their arrival package (T-Shirts and cap with Red color, This year Theme was to honor Liaquat House color), all were served with arrival drinks in the reception area of the Resort. Everyone was greeting each other and remembering the Petaro days, After check in the rooms, all gathered in Restaurant had lunch and Petarvi chatting. After lunch families and children left to the rooms for a break and gathered again in reception area at 4.30PM. The Resort Club cars transported all to the designated area for our activities. We Petarians along with families, children started our activities, everyone participated in sports and fun activities such as Tug of war, sack race, Egg & Spoon race, musical chair and other competitions, Tea drinks were served during activities. All winners were awarded with gifts.  Games time ended with the sunset. 
After having a short break in the rooms, all started gathering in Banquet Hall of the Resort, This session started the recitation of Holy Quran by Muhammad Abdullah Ranjhani.
Muhammad Junaid welcome the guests and initiated the evening.  After a round of introduction of all attendees, mementos have been awarded to our honorary members for their support during last 4 years. This was followed by Khalid Ranjhani’s thanks note to all Petarians and families who supported and participated in Gulf Petarians activities and events/reunions. Thanks and appreciation to all those brothers who travelled from Gulf countries and Pakistan and attended the events in UAE.  Special thank all those who have contributed directly or indirectly in making our event a success. Special Thanks to all our sponsors, Rashid Abro Bhaijan, Mumtaz Muslim Bhaijan, Nasir Mehmood Bhaijan and Shahbaz Malik Bhai and Muhammad Junaid, who are kind enough and always support us every year.
Nasir Mehmood Bhai, gave his thanks speech and appraises the efforts of UAE Petarians Management committee and awarded President and Vice President of PAUAE with trophies as token of thanks for their untiring efforts in arranging events.
After this session dinner was served.  A Local Musical Group was arranged for the music program, the music program continued till late night. After the whole day events, all tired and sleepy rushed to their rooms for sound sleep.
Next day started for many with the morning breakfast while some woke up early and enjoyed the morning walk, jogging, Horse riding. After having breakfast we moved to the play area again had Quad biking and visit of falconry area.
The event ends at 1PM; Petarians started to check-out and travelled back to their homes.
We miss Aurangzeb Bhai and Rasheed Abro Bhaijan, Syed Aziz Bhaijan, Shahbaz Mailk Bhai, Raheel Zafar  Bhaijan, Tariq Mehmood Bhai and all those who couldn’t make it this year.
I am thankful to my team (Mohammad Junaid Khan, Mohammad Ali Channa, Imdad Ali Shah and Shahzad Khurram) for hard work and dedication to make this event successful.
I hope you all had great time and left with very good memories.
Thanks everyone and see you all in next Re-union. You may view photos of event by following this link;
Kind Regards
Khalid H. Ranjhani (82125J)
Dubai – UAE
Mobile: +971 5575 35256
             +971 5555 82125