Fremont California Get Together – 17 May 2010 in honour of Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui

About Event

Meeting at Fremont, California

by Bhibekshan Chowdhry

On Monday May 17th at Mehran Restaurant in Fremont Calif, about 18 Petarians got together for the first time to welcome Kazi Zulkader Bhai who was visiting USA. It was a very nostalgic moment and there were few surprises too because few folks knew each other otherwise but were not aware that they were Petarians also. Kazi Zulkader Bhai talked about the Petarian spirit and the non-profit work being undertaken by TPA ( The Petarian association) and TPF ( The Petarian foundation) in Pakistan for Petaro, Petarians and people of Pakistan. At this moment the group was informed about the secondary school project which was being built within Petaro’s premises for the benefit of Petarian support staff and people from the adjoining areas of the village with the help of Petarians Worldwide.

Those who attended this gathering

Talat Abbasi 32

Masud Rauf Malik, Y-1

Zaheer Warraich 541

Arshad Hasan 547

Aftab Rafiq Choudhry 552

Mohammed Ali kit no. Y5

Imtiaz Ahmed 622

Kazi Zulkader 671

Zafar Mohsin 746

Umer Abdul Aziz (son of Abdul Aziz 6922)

Farooq Farid Khan 7078 (he was also adjutant in 1985-88)

Shabbir Hassan 7833

Bhibekshan Chowdhry 7837

Shahzad Shafi 7870

Shoieb Yunus 7886

Shahab Anwer Choudhry, 78129

Aamir Jamil 7943

Mohammed Yaseen, 7987