Dear Petarian Brothers
Assalam Alaikum
CEC TPA is proud and honored with pleasing response, support and passions of all Petarian brothers who attended the Petarians Reunion 2014 at CCP.
Dear brothers, your presence made this event a great success. Most of us never had this wonderful experience before, and the event was one of its kind, unmatchable experience and feelings. The arrangements at college were remarkable, CEC TPA is very much pleased on all arrangements made by CCP administration, Thanks to Commandant & Principal and administration of CCP for warm welcome and festive arrangements, We are thankful to our Chief Coordinator Capt. Rashid Abro bhai for his untiring efforts, support and guidance in arrangements of this event.
 I am thankful to President (Nasir Mehmood Bhai), SVP (Abid Akbar bhai) and JS (Agha Taj bhai) for their valuable input, support and guidance in arranging this great event, credit also goes to Hyderabad Chapter for looking after the arrangements and lined-up everything in perfect manner.
The event started with arrival of Petarian brothers 10AM onwards, After reporting at registration desk (managed by team Headed by Rana Touseef JS Karachi Chapter) all gathered at Cafeteria and enjoyed Patties, which we were having as break-food, (very precious and rarely available to juniors and vastly available in seniors cupboards, sometime up to next day) and lime juice.
At around 11:30 all were guided to Quad Hall, after seating, GS TPA (Khalid Ranjhani) started the proceedings of event by inviting brother Midhat Khaliq Kit # 8079 J for recitation of verses from Holy Quran. One minute silence was observed in the memory and respect of all departed souls of Petarians and their families.
President TPA welcomes all Petarians and expresses his views and plans on strengthening the unity among community.
After President’s speech, GS TPA gave a presentation on TPA Vision, Objectives and Plans. The brief is;
TPA Motto
“Connect, Support & Excel”
TPA Vision
“To connect and engage Petarians in productive activities to support fellow Alumni and Alma Mater through meaningful programs, benefits, services and open communication”
TPA Objectives
·        Create opportunities for Petarians to continue contributing their time, talent and financial resources to the betterment of their fellow Alumni & college.
·        Provide its Alumni with opportunities for professional development and networking.
·        Develop communication and cooperation among College faculty, Cadets & Petarians.
Petarians Convention; proposed date and program was announced to all, the proposed dates are 19,20 & 21 Dec, 2014 OR 2,3 & 5 Jan 2015.
Chapter representatives (Muhammad Farooq Azam Memon Bhai, Karamullah Memon Bhai, Changezi Tarzan Bhai and Talat Mehmood Bhai) express their views and extend their support for TPA and proposed Petarians Convention. S. P Shahid Bhaijan expresses his warm regards, motivating words and support to TPA.
Commandant & Principal CCP encourages, support and motivated the Petarians during his speech, as Patron of TPA he extends his full support to Petarians.
On this occasion, CEC TPA presented TPA memento to Principal & Commandant CCP and to all Chapter representatives for their invaluable contribution for Petarians brotherhood and strengthening the unity among Petarians around the globe.
Commandant & Principal CCP has also honored the CEC TPA and senior Petarians (Aijaz Rasool Bhaijan & S.P Shahid Bhaijan) for their services, contribution and support towards TPA and college.
Capt. Abdul Rashid Abro Bhai, has thanked Commandant & Principal, administration CCP, honorable teachers and all Petarians for their wonderful support and contribution for reformation of TPA and making this event a mega success in the history of TPA.
Capt. A. Rashid Abro bhai (on belahf of TPA) handed over a cheque of Pak Rupees 200,000 to college as token of thanks (this amount was contributed by all participants)
Petaro Anthem was played at the end of ceremony.
After dispersing from Quad Hall, all Petarians took round of college building and were busy in taking pictures and sharing memories with each other while remembering the days spend at college.
A lavish lunch was served in Cadets Mess, S.P Shahid Bhaijan started the Lunch by saying “Gentleman Bismillah”, and everyone was busy in eating, chatting and sharing memories of good days,
After Lunch we all gathered in front of Stadium for Group Photo, after Group photo all scattered and headed to their houses, met with Cadets and visited their rooms/dormitories.
The echoes of huge laughs, giggles were spread all over. At 4PM we all preceded to College canteen, the Canteen was also decorated with welcome banners. We had sandwiches, tea, and cold drinks in evening tea.
The day was over and everyone start leaving college at 5PM.
It was great experience and memorable event…….
You can view some of the pictures by following the link below,
Long Live Petaro and Petarians.
Kind Regards
Khalid Ranjhani (82125J)
General Secretary – TPA
+971 55 7535256
+971 55 5582125