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Cdre.(R) Sajjad Ilahi Malik, PN

The Ninth Principal of CCP (1991-1994) Years at Petaro: 1991- 1994 as Principal Birth: 14.03.1945 Marriage: 06.01.1972 Wife’s Name: Masooma Sajjad No. of Children: 4 Expired on 15.06.2004 at Islamabad due to Cancer Last Position: DG, AQ Khan Inst of Tech Last Address: 18 Street, 13 F-7/2 Islamabad...

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Cdre.(R) Syed Qamar Raza, PN

The Tenth Principal of CCP (1994-2000) Years at Petaro: 1994-2000 as Principal Birth:10.07.1951 Marriage: 20.09.1979 Wife’s Name: 1. Ambreen Raza No. of Children: 4 Company: Marine Fisheries Dept. Position: Director General Home: D-218,Naval Housing Sch. Zamzama, Clifton, Karachi Tel: (021) 925-0289 (021) 920-3274 Mobile: (0333) 228-0897 Office: Dept. of Fisheries Sindh Karachi Fish Harbour Karachi Tel: (021)...

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Cdre. Muhammad Abid Saleem, SI(M)

The Eleventh Principal of CCP(2000-2007) – and The First Petarian to become a Principal of CCP Years at Petaro: 2000-2007   as Principal and 1964-1969 as Cadet First Petarian Principal, joined college in 1964 Kit No. 589/Latif Birth: 11.05.1951 Marriage: 25.03.1980 No. of Children: 3 (one son is also a Petarian Haseeb Abid Kit No. 97158/Liaqat) Home: House No.17, Street-26, Sector F-6/2...

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Cdre. Muhammad Aslam Rana, PN

The Twelfth Principal of CCP (2007-2010) – and The Second Petarian Principal of CCP Years at Petaro: 2000-2011 as Principal and 1971-1976 as Cadet The Second Petarian Principal, Joined CCP as cadet in 1971, Kit no. 7179/Jinnah House. Birth: 18.7.1957                     Marriage: 10.2.1988 No. of Children: 05 (His 2 sons are also Ex-Cadets, Muhammad Furqan Ali (kit no. 2007179) and Muhammad Noman Sharif (kit no. 2007178)) After leaving Petaro, he was then appointed as the Commandant of the Pakistan Marine Academy in...

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Cdre. Muhammad Afzal, PN

The Thirteenth Principal of CCP (2011-2014) –  and The Twentieth Adjutant of the College (1991-1992) Years at Petaro: 2011- 2014 Birth: 01.04.1959 Marriage: 19.12.1991 Children: 02 After leaving Petaro joined  Ship Yard West Wharf Road Karachi as General Manager Admin...

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