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TPA Life Membership List

  Life Memembership  No. First Name Middle Name Last Name KIT No HOUSE 1 Bashiruddin Ahmad Memon 63 Latif 2 Nawal Rai N. Oad 368 Ayub 3 Najmuddin Ansari 46 Latif 4 Bashir Ahmad Vistro 50 Ayub 5 Ghulam Muhammad Soomro 111 Ayub 6 Mohammed Alam Halepota 43 Ayub 7 Hadi Bux Jatoi 171 Jinnah 8 Mian Mohammed Afzal 393 Jinnah 9 Ayaz Malik 470 Latif 10 Mohammed Abdul Sami Jadran 39 Jinnah 11 Ramesh M. Beherwani 1 Jinnah 12 Khadim Ali Memon 90 Jinnah 13 Noor Ahmed Nizamani 7 Jinnah 14 Iqbal Zia Jamali 100 Latif 15 Mirza Ashfaq Beg 69 Liaquat 16 Mirza Bashir A. Chand 11 Liaquat 17 Asif Ali Zardari 991 Jinnah 18 Ghulam Hussain Chandio 127 Jinnah 19 Abdul Jabbar Abbasi 250 Jinnah 20 Shaheer Ahmed Junejo 787 Jinnah 21 Sultan Ahmed Khan Afridi 33 Jinnah 22 Syed Arifullah Hussaini 7375 Ayub 23 Muhammad Javed Memon 338 Jinnah 24 Shaukat Hayat Jumani 51 Liaquat 25 Mahmood Baweja 7518 Qasim 26 Arshad Latif 144 Ayub 27 Khalid Latif Arain 13 Latif 28 Mohammad Saad 79123 Liaquat 29 Iqbal Ahmed Jumani 317 Latif 30 Nadim Ahmad Ansari 513 Ayub 31 Javaid A. Malik 68150 Qasim 32 Obaidullah Soomro 79109 Jinnah 33 Manzoor Hussain Banbhan 7816 Latif 34 Tariq Jameel Chaudry 113 Liaquat 35 Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry 352 Jinnah 36 Sartaj Ahmad Khan 166 Liaquat 37 Arshad...

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Central Executive Committee MOM Feb 2017

Dear Petarians As Salam Alaikum   Newly elected CEC – TPA had its first meeting (pre-oath taking) on 26th February 2017 via Skype call.   The following members attended the meeting: – Nasir Mehmood                 President M. Farooq Azam                Vice President Khalid Ranjhani                   General Secretary Abdul Aziz Korai                Joint Secretary General Javaid Soomro                   Member Ehsan Danish                                   Member       Minutes of the Meeting Mr. Nasir Mehmood (President, The Petarian Association) chaired the meeting of CEC.   The above members of CEC – The Petarians Association joined meeting from different parts of the world (Pakistan, UAE, UK and USA) via a Skype call facilitated by Ehsan Danish (from USA). The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the roles and responsibilities of each member and discuss on objectives of CEC for 2017-18, discussion points and update is as follows;   Item Comments and Decision Responsibility Objectives of 2017-18 All members joined the discussion and proposed ideas for finalizing the objectives of CEC for 2017-18. The CEC will meet again to discuss further and announce the objectives, programs and execution plans to the Petarians community. The immediate actions are as follows; 1.     Petarian Convention 2017; Finalize the date for Petarian Convention 2017. And 2.     Launch of new TPA Website. GS to follow up with all members on more ideas and input and schedule a meeting by end of march.  ...

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Departure of a Petarian Brother Sohail Akhtar Mangi 8198/J

It is saddened and shocking news for all of us that a very dear brother, friend and a humble Petarian brother Sohail Akhtar Mangi 8198/Jinnah passed away yesterday in Karachi. He had heart attack and was admitted in hospital, couldn’t  survive and left us yesterday evening.   إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ On behalf of TPA (whole Petarian Community) extend our heartfelt condolence to his family. May the departed soul rest in eternal peace and may almighty give strength to the family to bear this irreplaceable loss. Ameen. (“…and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Qur’an Surah Anfal; 8:46)  ...

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Prof. Sharafat Ali

The Fifteenth Vice Principal of CCP (2014-present), Professor of Chemistry (1990-present) Years at Petaro: 1990- to date Birth: 15-07-1965 Marriage: 24-03-1990 Nos.of Children: 04 Company: Cadet College Petaro Position: Vice Principal / Director of Studies Home Address: H.No: P-5 Cadet College Petaro Tel: (022) 2022222 Cell No:...

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Cdre. Mehboob Elahi Malik SI (M)

The Fourteenth Principal of CCP (2014 to Date) Years at Petaro: 24-01-2014 to Date Birth: 16-12-1964                       Marriage: No. of Children: 04 Home: Cadet College Petaro Tel: (0221) 2022002 Mobile No:...

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