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Regional Executive Committee KSA   Regional Executive Committee KSA President Qurban Ali Lashari 7937 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 7937Admission Year 1979Graduation Year 1984 Vice President Ghulam Mujtaba Mahar 9423 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 9423Admission Year 1993Graduation Year 1999 Gen. Secretary Abdul Hafeez Thebo 9162 [email protected] House LiaquatKit Number 9162Admission Year 1991Graduation Year 1996 J. Secretary Abdul Sattar Jamali 8966 [email protected] House QasimKit Number 8966Admission Year 1989Graduation Year 1994 Treasurer Shahid Jawed 89121 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 89121Admission Year 1989Graduation Year 1994 Members   Tasawar Ahmed 7157 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 7157Admission Year 1971Graduation Year 1976 Muhammad Waseem Siddiqui 8163 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 8163Admission Year 1981Graduation Year 1985 Muhammad Nadeem 8429 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 8429Admission Year 1984Graduation Year 1989 Usman Daud Butt 8477 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 8477Admission Year 1984Graduation Year 1989 Maqsood Ahmed Channa 9112 [email protected] House QasimKit Number 9112Admission Year 1990Graduation Year...

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Regional Executive Committee UAE   Regional Executive Committee UAE President Wajeehuddin Ahmed 89160 [email protected] Biographical Info By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif Wajeehuddin Ahmed, kit no. 89160/Latif House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1989 and left the college in 1994 after completing his Intermediate. He was born on 24 October 1976 and got married to Dr. Saba on 30 July 2005. They have a daughter named Hiba, and son named Mikhael, they presently live in Dubai, UAE. Born at Karachi, Wajeeh is pretty much a self made man. His family moved to Abu Dhabi when he was barely 2 years old. He got his early schooling from Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Pakistani School in Abu Dhabi, and also from Pakistan College in Sharjah. Petaro was a new experience for him. Leaving behind the comforts of life one enjoys in the Middle East, Wajeeh had to learn how to survive in the relatively tougher environment at Petaro. He was a good sportsman, and soon after joining Petaro he was selected to become a member of the college Football team. Later on he also became a member of the College Hockey team, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Shooting teams. He was also the President of the Chemical Hobbies Society at Petaro. During his last year at Petaro, he was appointed the Senior Leading Cadet of Latif Division. After leaving Petaro, Wajeeh joined Hamdard...

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Quetta REC Committee

Regional Executive Committee Quetta   Regional Executive Committee Quetta President Sarfaraz Ahmed Jamali 7341 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 7341Admission Year 1973Graduation Year 1978 Vice President Sarfaraz Ahmed Jamali 7341 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 7341Admission Year 1973Graduation Year 1978 Gen. Secretary Aminullah Kakar 97117 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 97117Admission Year 1997Graduation Year 2002 J. Secretary Jan Muhammad Baloch 8535 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 8535Admission Year 1985Graduation Year 1990 Treasurer Muhammad Akmal Jamali 8533 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 8533Admission Year 1985Graduation Year 1990 Members   Asadullah Jan 77107 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 77107Admission Year 1977Graduation Year 1982 Fida Muhammad Tareen 81122 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 81122Admission Year 1981Graduation Year 1986 Jawad Haider Khan 8534 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 8534Admission Year 1985Graduation Year 1990 Atif Iqbal Khattak 99130 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 99130Admission Year 1999Graduation Year...

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REC Sukkur

Regional Executive Committee Sukkur   Regional Executive Committee Sukkur President Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar 181 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 181Admission Year 1961Graduation Year 1963 Vice President Syed Zulfiqar A Shah 7422 [email protected] House LiaquatKit Number 7422Admission Year 1974Graduation Year 1979 Gen. Secretary Agha Asadullah Khan 7028 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 7028Admission Year 1970Graduation Year 1975 J. Secretary Imtiaz Ahmed Jumani 7382 [email protected] Biographical Info CaptainHouse LatifKit Number 7382Admission Year 1973Graduation Year 1978 Treasurer Rafiq Mohammed Shah 199 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 199Admission Year 1961Graduation Year 1966 Members   Azim Shah 7446 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 7446Admission Year 1974Graduation Year 1979 Zahoor Ahmed Wassan 78117 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 78117Admission Year 1978Graduation Year...

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Hyderabad REC Committee

Regional Executive Committee Hyderabad   Regional Executive Committee Hyderabad President Vice President Muhammad Saleem Vistro 8084 [email protected] House QasimKit Number 8084Admission Year 1980Graduation Year 1985 Gen. Secretary Fawwad Sheikh 9322 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 9322Admission Year 1992Graduation Year 1998 J. Secretary Abdul Razzaq Sirhindi 7641 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 7641Admission Year 1976Graduation Year 1981 Treasurer Members   Malik Muhammad Nizamani 7715 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 7715Admission Year 1976Graduation Year 1982 Mohammad Akram Malik 92148 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 92148Admission Year 1992Graduation Year 1997 Hassan Murtaza Ansari 95148 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 95148Admission Year 1995Graduation Year 2000 Asim Munawar Arain 2002035 [email protected] House ShahbazKit Number 2002035Admission Year 2002Graduation Year 2007 Muneer Gul Muhammad 2002114 [email protected] House LiaquatKit Number 2002114Admission Year 2002Graduation Year...

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