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REC Lahore

Regional Executive Committee Lahore   Regional Executive Committee Lahore President Mian Wamiq Anwer 659 [email protected] Biographical Info MD, Dimen Associates, LahoreHouse AyubKit Number 659Admission Year 1965Graduation Year 1970 Vice President Shahid Wazir Khan 72105 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 72105Admission Year 1972Graduation Year 1977 Gen. Secretary Ashar Mahmood Malik 8135 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 8135Admission Year 1981Graduation Year 1984 J. Secretary Javed Rashid 423 [email protected] Biographical Info CEO, K-Shoes (Pvt) Ltd.House JinnahKit Number 423Admission Year 1963Graduation Year 1966 Treasurer Syed Muhammad Nawaz 663 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 663Admission Year 1965Graduation Year 1970 Members   Abid Latif Minhas 514 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 514Admission Year 1964Graduation Year 1967 Sajid Latif Minhas 625 [email protected] Biographical Info CE, SoftlogixHouse LatifKit Number 625Admission Year 1965Graduation Year 1970 Safiuddin Ahmad 733 [email protected] House QasimKit Number 733Admission Year 1966Graduation Year 1969 Sultan Sikander Ghumman 766 [email protected] Biographical Info Member of Pakistan Hockey Team in 1970s & Pakistan Junior Hockey TeamHouse LatifKit Number 766Admission Year 1966Graduation Year 1971 Shakeel Majeed Minhas 7276 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 7276Admission Year 1972Graduation Year...

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REC Islamabad

Regional Executive Committee Islamabad   Regional Executive Committee Islamabad President Muhammad Nashat Raffi 426 [email protected] Biographical Info Rear Admiral in Pakistan NavyHouse AyubKit Number 426Admission Year 1963Graduation Year 1967 Vice President Nadeem Zaigham 808 [email protected] Biographical Info Publisher of PetarianMag and founder of PetarianTalk on YahoogroupsHouse LatifKit Number 808Admission Year 1965Graduation Year 1971 Gen. Secretary Amjad Khalil 8899 [email protected] House AyubKit Number 8899Admission Year 1988Graduation Year 1993 J. Secretary Mohammed Zafar Khan 280 [email protected] Biographical Info Joint Secretary, Federal Govt.(Rtd)House JinnahKit Number 280Admission Year 1962Graduation Year 1963 Treasurer Imran Latif 84152 [email protected] House LiaquatKit Number 84152Admission Year 1984Graduation Year 1989 Members   Ghulam Murtaza Baloch 7605 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 7605Admission Year 1975Graduation Year 1981 Arshad Karim Chandio 7713 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 7713Admission Year 1977Graduation Year 1980 Abdul Salam Baloch 7795 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 7795Admission Year 1977Graduation Year 1981 Asghar Ali Zardari 8374 [email protected] House LiaquatKit Number 8374Admission Year 1983Graduation Year 1988 Imran Akhtar 96181 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 96181Admission Year 1996Graduation Year...

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REC Europe

Regional Executive Committee Europe   Regional Executive Committee Europe President Khurram Shahzad K. Ghauri 9443 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 9443Admission Year 1994Graduation Year 1999 Vice President Waheed Rehman Metlo 8129 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 8129Admission Year 1980Graduation Year 1986 Gen. Secretary Wajahat Ali 90138 [email protected] House QasimKit Number 90138Admission Year 1990Graduation Year 1995 J. Secretary Muhammad Bilal Toor 96150 [email protected] House QasimKit Number 96150Admission Year 1996Graduation Year 2001 Treasurer Mazhar Ali 2007109 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 2007109Admission Year 2007 Members   Maqsood Ahmed Chaudhry 319 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 319Admission Year 1962Graduation Year 1966 Emran Ahmed 7464 [email protected] House LatifKit Number 7464Admission Year 1974Graduation Year 1979 Ali Gul Metlo 7467 [email protected] House JinnahKit Number 7467Admission Year 1974Graduation Year 1979 Mujeeb ur Rehman Metlo 7711 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 7711Admission Year 1976Graduation Year 1982 Adil Akhund 78118 [email protected] House IqbalKit Number 78118Admission Year 1978Graduation Year...

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REC North America

Regional Executive Committee North America   Regional Executive Committee North America President Vice President General Secretary Joint Secretary Treasurer Members...

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