1st Monthly DINNER – ISLAMABAD PETARIANS (PI), Islamabad Club – January 2011

About Event

The first monthly dinner of the Islamabad Petarians took place last night in the beautiful environs of Islamabad Club. Admiral Nashat Raffi was kind enough to make the arrangements and Tallat sent messages to all Petarians in the area.
Despite the short notice of 3 days, it was such a happy surprise that 16 of us showed up. Frankly, I was not expecting more than a handful. Those who joined us for this lovely evening.

It was a buffet dinner, and the food was good as usual at Islamabad Club.
Other than having a great time, we discussed the raison d’etre for these monthly meetings. We want to have these meetings with the following in mind:
To promote love and brotherhood amongst all Petarians
To get to know each other better regardless of age, batches, and other considerations
To promote an understanding amongst our families. This time, we didnt invite families, but in future gatherings we will invite wives as well insha Allah.
Hopefully lead to family relations between some of us through marriages between our children
To get to know the problems faced by any one of us, or to share in the happiness of others
To exchange thoughts amongst us on our businesses, work, etc
To get people to enlighten us about what are the good points and pitfalls of doing business in Pakistan
Maybe this becomes a forum where some of us may want to form business ventures amongst each other for mutual benefit.
To get people to tell us about business ideas, and any things of interest.
The last point was of relevance particularly to those who have retired from their service or are about to retire. They are keen to find out ways of getting an income but do not know how to do business. It is all about Re-tiring, and not retiring. We need to find vehicles with new tires which will keep us all going.
The monthly meetings will insha Allah remain informal. But we may request some of our brothers to do short presentations on their own business ventures, business experiences, and other thoughts that can be of interest to others.
ALL Petarians (regardless of where they live) are welcome to attend these dinners / meetings here at Islamabad Club on the last Friday of each month. Everyone from TPA, PANA, PASA, PAUAE, PAE, TPF, TPO, PRO, TPA-L (Larkana or Lahore), TPA-T (Timbuktu) or anywhere, and NAP (non-aligned Petarians) are most welcome. You dont need an invitation. Just remember to call Tallat in advance to make sure that he has enough seats at the dinner table and no one gets embarrassed. Please note that Tallat’s mobile no. is (0342) 511-5111.
We encourage Petarian visitors to Islamabad to try to schedule your visits to coincide with this dinner. We would love to see you there.
If you are busy one month due to travel or other commitments, please come the next month. No hard feelings. Insha Allah we will build a strong brotherhood here and truly share with each other. And you will find food for the stomach and thought and love and brotherhood at each meeting.
We will follow the same rule that each one pays for his own dinner bill. It costs around Rs. 400-500 per person.
The next dinner meeting will be insha Allah on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 8pm. Same location. Tallat will be the Dinner Coordination Secretary. Thank you Tallat for all your help and work. And thank you Admiral Nashat Raffi bhai for the dinner arrangements.
REMINDER – Please remember to call Tallat (0342-511-5111) at least 2-3 days in advance to confirm your participation so that we keep a seat for you at the dinner table.

Those who attended this gathering

Zakim Khan Mahsud, 282
Admiral Nashat Raffi, 426
Major Shahid Anwer, 435
Major Attaullah Khan, 517 (came all the way from Peshawar)
Lt.Col. Tahir Hussain, 520
Tariq Pervez, 530
Tallat Mahmood Khan, 590
Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671
Cdre. Javaid Manzoor, N-16
Dr.Javed Iqbal Malik, 69131
Dr. Raja Zahoor Tahir, 7119
Cdre. Misbah Chohan, N-29
Masood Zaman, 7166
Cdr. Asif Baig, 84113 (came all the way from Lahore)
Imran Latif, 84152
Adnan Rauf, 9594