1st Gulf Petarians Reunion 2009 at Dubai – 13 February 2009

About Event

I am thankful and grateful to Almighty Allah who helps us and we had success in arranging a first ever Grand Reunion of Petarians outside Pakistan.

Total 130 persons (60 Petarians) attended the event; it was all fun, love, inspiration, respect and affection to our alma mater. This is all because of Petaro.

I am thankful to all Petarians brothers who attended this event with their families. Special thanks to Salim Mastan Bhai, Kazi Zulkader Bhai, Syed Aziz Bhai and Ghulam Mujtaba Mahar Bhai who came from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to attend this event.

The Event started with a welcome note from Khalid Ranjhani (82125J).

Following Petarians expressed their views on Petaro, Petarians and Pakistan

Salim Mastan Bhai Kit No. 336 (Liaquat)
Syed Afzal Iqbal Bhai Kit No. 383 (Latif)
Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui Bhai Kit No. 671 (Latif)
Shafiq Ansari Bhai Kit No. 478 (Iqbal)
Kamal Shahid Hussain Bhai Kit No. 785 (Iqbal)
Syed Aziz Bhai (from PASA) Kit No. 6922 (Latif)
And other Senior and Junior & Senior Petarians

At the end of thoughts/views sharing by Petarians, Kazi Zulkader Bhai suggested to have a permanent committee/Body of Petarians living in UAE to represent UAE Petarians.

My Name (Khalid Ranjhani Kit No. 82125J) was suggested by Shehzad Tahir Thahim Bhai (Kit no. 7599MQ) as President of UAE Petarians representative committee.
Kamal Shahid Hussain Bhai’s (Kit No. 785) name was suggested by Nasir MehmoodBhai (kit No 79113 Iq).
Kamal bhai withdrew his name in favour of Khalid Ranjhani which was welcomed by all senior and junior Petarians. Thanks to all Bhaijans.

The formal members of the committee will be elected democratically soon and will be published on all forums.

I am thankful to Shehzad Bhai, Kamal bhai, Nasir bhai, Masood Parvez Bhai, Syed Iqbal Afzal bhai, Shafiq Ansari bhai, Zafar Abbas Bhai, Shahab Ayub bhai. Shehab Kishwar Bhai, Syed Asim Tanvir bhai, Mohammad Akram Soomro Bhai, Irfan Hasan Khan Bhai, Mansur Mahmud Bhai, Abdul Qayoom Bilwani bhai. Muhammad Asghar Bhai, Ayaz Buriro Bhai and all others for their support in my favour to become first President of UAE Petarians committee.

Once again I am thankful to all Petarians and Families who attended this event and made it a memorable and successful event.

Our vision and objective is very transparent “Work for Petaro and Petarians”. When we talk about Petaro and Petarians it is all about Pakistan. Whatever we achieve for Petaro and Petarians, eventually it is for Pakistan and Pakistanis.

At the end we finish with a note that “we are All Petarians and Pakistanis”

We work for Petaro and Pakistan”

Cadet College Petaro Zindabad

Pakistan Paindabad

We shall leave all other stories/experiences to be shared by all participants.

Best Regards

Organizing Committee:

Khalid H. Ranjhani (82125J)

Wajeeh Uddin (89160-LF)

Rana Touseef (8942-MQ)

Syed Atif Musarrat (8885-J)